Lightburn Crashing When Trying to Upload to Library

Good evening,
I have been trying to upload to the LB Library I created and get this crash report, every single time and have to start the program over.
This is not a big deal for me, may just be a problem with one of the things I am trying to upload, but have not narrowed it down to which one; I have just downloaded a huge library of files from another user out of eagerness trying to get my new laser up and running. Just wanted to post it to do my part in helping the development of LB. This is on the trial version of LB by the way, if that makes a difference. :

First, LightBurn should not crash, so thank you for bringing this to our attention. Did you follow the instructions in that crash dialog by chance, and send this report into our developer email with a brief description of what you were doing just before the crash?

If not, it is ok as I have flagged this post for further review. Any additional information you discover, please pass along. We will update here after review.

Yes sir I sent the e-mail right after I posted and realized that’s what it said to do. For some reason I thought it said to post here, my mistake.
I think it has more to do with one of the files I was trying to use for the library than LB itself.

as a side note, I frequently am getting the error when importing to library “the file contains text objects which are not supported - convert the text objects to a path before importing”. Any suggestion on how to do this? I have been trying to use LB only as my sole source of everything laser. It seems evident I may be doing something wrong.

I found the culprit. It is one of these two svg files when trying to import it to library (I believe it’s the “Frame” file without the ‘s’ at the end of it). Not sure, I know its one of the two but am in the middle of a project and not interested in crashing it again :smiley: Oddly enough the Frame.svg is only a rectangular photo frame as far as I know, not sure why it would cause a crash.
Hope this helps

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