Lightburn crashing

Hi there,
we are having problems with Lightburn crashing as soon as it is opened or as soon as we try to import a file. This has happened to me last night at home and also at school on all the student computers. Any ideas?

Not without more details! OS, etc?

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Ubuntu version18 at school. All student computers are thin clients. The teacher’s computer is a stand alone. My computer at home is a MacAir.

Are you on the latest version?
Do you get a report when it crashes?

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean here - can you elaborate?

Regarding the file issues, if you have a specific file that’s causing a crash, forward it to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and I can have a look. It’s usually something in the file content itself, and having the specific file helps greatly.

Yep, latest version. No report option is given

By thin client, do you mean something like a citrix server where all the processing is done at the server, and just screen output and mouse/keyboard input is handled by the client machine?

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