Lightburn creating sloped edges on engraved image

So I’ve recently installed a Cohesion3d board and tinkered to get all the settings right, and everything is now working fine except when I’m engraving an image into wood where the edges meet they are sloped unlike when I ran whisperer they were straight.

This image is an original from K40 Whisperer.

This image is from Lightburn. It’s really annoying as I can’t find any information online about this issue.

Could someone please help shed some light on this, thank you.

Here are a couple more images for reference to show detail lost in engraving because of this slope.

This is from K40, nice crisp lines.

This is from Lightburn, the image has lost its fine detail and looks blurred.

Your scans aren’t aligned. Follow the guide here for adding a couple entries to the Scanning Offset table and that should fix it:

Thank you very much, I’m getting it closer now.

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