Lightburn dejó de reconocer mi laser tengo un tts5 pro (Lightburn stopped recognizing my laser I have a tts5 pro)

Espero puedan ayudarme, recién compre el laser TTS5 PRO y estuvo funcionando bien todo el día, pero de un momento a otro dejó de reconocer el láser, esta conectado el usb a mi laptop pero no lo quiere reconocer, ya lo desinstale pero persiste el problema, si alguien sabe alguna solución estaría muy agradecida

I hope you can help me, I just bought the TTS5 PRO laser and it was working fine all day, but from one moment to the next it stopped recognizing the laser, the USB is connected to my laptop but it doesn’t want to recognize it, I already uninstalled it but the problem persists If anyone knows a solution I would be very grateful.

Check this doc:

Then come back if you need more help.

Hello, I have already carried out the verifications, if it recognizes the USB cable, but the message waiting for connection persists, it has already turned off and turned on the laser and the program again but the message persists.

Some modern 32 bit controllers work better with a grbl-STM device profile.

The switch in the Console window showing the repeated G0 command is an attempt to establish communications.

Click the Devices button in the Laser window and create a new device profile for a grbl-STM device.

Please let us know if this addresses the unwanted behavior you’re seeing.

Please capture the screen again showing the Console window so we can confirm that USB communication is working. It is also good for us to know the ‘firmware version’ information that is shared when communication begins.

Hola, he realizado varias verificaciones, conecta por ratos, pero cuando conecta sale que el láser está ocupado, al cambiar a Grbl- STM, sale G0, solo me deja configurar dispositivo de manera manual porque si coloco buscar dispositivo no reconoce la máquina

Hello, I have carried out several verifications, it connects for a while, but when it connects it says that the laser is busy, when changing to Grbl-STM, it says G0, it only lets me configure the device manually because if I enter search for device it does not recognize the machine

Is your Lightburn Baud-Rate still 115,200?

I have not used the TTS5.

Forum tts5-pro 1431803 telnet (wireless + crop)

It appears that you have selected a wireless / wifi / TCP IP connection in the Device Profile you will need to have LightBurn and the laser engraver controller agree on the address.

If the engraver has a console screen of it’s own, you enter the network name and password into the engraver to connect to the wireless network.

When the engraver connects to a wireless network, it will be assigned an IP address. If you connect your (LightBurn) computer to the wireless network, you can enter the IP address in the Device Profile in LightBurn to proceed to connect with wireless ethernet.

USB connection may be easier. You would need to change the Device Profile to USB connection to proceed this way.