Lightburn disconnects from the laser

Hi, I would like to notify that with version 0.9.23, I noticed a strange thing, which already happened with version o.23.
When I leave the laser on in stand-by, because I am preparing the design or the piece under the laser, after about half an hour, the program disconnects from the laser, and waits for connection.
I have to unplug the usb, turn off the laser and try at least 2-3 times before seeing the operational laser again.
Until version 0.9.21 I have never had any problems.
I’d go back to the old version, but I’m interested in photo management.
I have a 20 watt Neje Master 2 laser, pc with S.O. windows 7 sp1, 64 bit. All power saving settings disabled, including usb and disk.
No I have changed any hardware thing. the pc is dedicated only to the laser. It has no antivirus.
The laser works with GRBL 1.1.f.
Thank you.

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