Lightburn do not see laser head number 2 after update

Hello, I have a dual head laser and, since the update, the software do not see my second laser head.

I am desperately needing help.


Have a look at your ‘Device Settings’ for that profile. You will want to ensure you have ‘Enabled Laser 2 Controls’ turned ON (green).

We changed this in the last couple releases so that people who generate RD files for thumb drives without being connected to the machine can still use dual head - you couldn’t do that before, so this is better.

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thanks. I was confused because i usually see a toggle that let me choose between both laser in the cut/layer window and it’s not there anymore.

also, it will only display laser 1 settings in that field. It is not a big deal because I got use to open the cut settings editor but it might be cool to be able to see both settings and be able to choose between both head in that window.



Once you’ve enabled the dual head, if you restart LightBurn, the laser select button will show up in the main panel too.

Because we’re space constrained in the main window, it’s showing a toggle that lets you choose which controls are displayed - Laser 1 or Laser 2, and then you edit the enable & power settings for that laser head underneath. The Cut Settings window has more space, so we show them all at once.

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