Lightburn does not change Ruida controller speed or power settings

I have a new 80W Chinese green and white CO2 laser. Using lightburn, it doesn’t matter what settings I use for speed or power, the machine runs the file at the same speed and power.

I went to the laser controller on the machine and can set the speed and it does change when I use the controller to move the laser head. If I change the power on the controller and move the laser head while holding pulse, the power does change between test like expected. So I am able to change the speed and power on the laser itself, but Lightburn cannot make the change when it is sent to the laser. I checked all of the machine settings against my brother’s machine that works correctly and no difference.

Please help!

This is really unusual,

I’d like to know if this is a new Ruida controller and which firmware it’s using.

Please take a pic of the controller inside the chassis, the Model number usually leads with RDC.

The Firmware number should be accessible from the menus in the HMI (control panel) on the laser engraver.

If you’re able to get these two pieces of information from your brother’s engraver as well that would be helpful.


Here is the info:
Mine (power/speed doesn’t change):
Controller: RDC6445G
Firmware: RDC v15.01.22
HMI v10.03.04

My Brothers:
Controller: RDC6442G-B
Firmware: RDC v8.00.67
HMI v4.50.03

I’ve pushed this into the dev channel. Most of the team (in the USA) are off for the Fourth. Looking forward to an answer or further investigation shortly.

In the Cut Settings Editor window there are two switches marked ‘Default’ one near Speed, and one near Power.

Please confirm that they are off.

If these were already turned off, I did see a video of a display where the engraving changed speed and power but the display quickly returned to the default setting. Looking forward to your response.

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