Lightburn does not complete full and complete passes

I am attempting to cut out shapes on 3mm birch. I select power and speed and three passes. When the job starts, instead of doing three complete passes, it does three sets of small passes for each node it seems. I have tried everything to get it to make three complete passes and it still does small bits of the shape in sets of three. Any ideas why, and what do I need to change to fix this issue to it makes three complete passes without going back and forth in small increments?

Show us. Post a few images and the lbrn file, so we can “see” what you are observing. :slight_smile:

It will be hard to post images since the problem is in movement and I do not know if a picture will do it justice. I can try to post a video of the simulation and see if it will go. Sometimes different sites have a size cap and videos will not upload if to large. I will include the Lightburn file. It shows up when I select multiple passes. If I select single pass, it works fine until I select three passes at which point instead of three full passes say around a circle, it does three small passes from node to node. I know it is in the file because I create a new file using shapes like squares and circles and it cuts correctly. Here is the file! preview it with three passes and you will clearly see what it is doing!
dragonfly lightburn.lbrn2 (1.9 MB)

The shapes were not joined together they were showing as individual nodes.
I selected all then ‘auto join selected shapes’. I think that has done the trick, give it a go
dragonfly 1 lightburn.lbrn2 (634.5 KB)

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That seems to have fixed it. I thought that I auto joined them last night! Oh well, long day lol! Thanks for the help!

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