Lightburn does not match laser workspace smoothie controller

I have just installed a smoothie card into my High-10 60w laser. I cannot get lightburn to match my laser’s workspace. When the laser head homed it is in the top left corner (looking down at the machine). When I ask lightburn to say where the laserhead is it says its X=0 and Y=200.
When I move it to 0,0 using the Move window function the X axis stays on the left side (showing 0) the Y moves halfway down the cutting bed (I am assuming it would be 200mm)
As a result nothing is cutting where I want it to. I cannot figure out how to get the cutting bed to match the lightburn screen. I have set it to absolute coordinates

What are the expected dimensions of your laser? Did you update the config.txt file to match your actual work area?

Separately, what did you configure in LightBurn Device Settings for work area size?

Sorry for delayed reply. So for more clarification.
lightburn shows 0,0 in the bottom left corner of the grid
I configured the machine (deleted the macine from the device menu and had light burn find it again) at 300X400
When I home the laser head it goes to the upper left corner, when I use the move menu to go (0,0) the x axis is correct on the left side of the grid but the laser only goes to what would be (0,100) - so the laser thinks its at (0,0) but it is actually at (0,100).

But it gets worse, I started a test project (I moved the material to where the laser head was at (0,100). It completed the project then returned to the lower left corner of the cutting bed - where I wanted it to be all along. Then I hit home then origin and it went back to (0,100)

I do not know how to update the config.txt file, where would l I find that? Is there a tutorial somewhere.

This is most likely because you haven’t configured your controller for the dimensions of your machine in config.txt. Most conversion boards are tailored for K40 style machines with 300x200 mm dimensions.

What specific replacement board have you installed? That could make your configuration easier. is the general site for all things Smoothieware but is not specific to your controller. It would be potentially easier to reference something made for your specific board.

In any case there should be a config.txt file stored on the memory card on your board. There is a configuration called “beta_max_travel” that sets the Y dimension. It’s likely currently configured to 200 and would need to be changed to 400.

I purchased a cohesion 3d board. I will try to configure the card and really appreciate the help!

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