Lightburn does not work with RDC644XG

(blayeul) #1

I tried Lightburn with my laser 50W (RDC644XG) the laser head moves but the laser beam does not light up.

(Joseph Shawa) #2

Could be anything. If you want to know if it is LightBurn then attach the file. It may be something as simple as the power settings.

(Oz) #3

I have two of these controllers that I test with regularly, so I’m going to have to wholeheartedly disagree with you. In fact, the 6442G was the first controller LightBurn supported.

As Joseph suggests, you likely have a setting wrong. Min Power being set too low for your machine would be my first guess.

(Joel) #4

I can also vouch that Lightburn works. I just installed an RDC6445G and have no issues. For my 90W tube 12% is about the minimum it will fire at.

Is this a new setup?

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