Lightburn doesn't engrave center of image

So the past couple of days I’ve been having an issue with lightburn not consistently engraving the center of some images. The preview shows it the way I intended it to look but for some reason when I do the cut the center doesn’t come out. I’m still new to this and I’m sure it’s just a settings issue. Does anyone have an idea what I need to change??

  • What firmware are you running (and the version)?
  • What controller type have you selected in LightBurn?
  • What are the settings used for this design?

My guess is GRBL-M3, with the power too low, the speed too high, and no overscan enabled. At the sides, the laser is barely moving so you get a good burn but as it speeds up in the sold areas it fades out, then as it slows for the transition it starts to burn again. If you enable overscan and slow down it should be more consistent, though if you’re using an old version of GRBL, like 0.9, overscan won’t help - it will always pause when the spindle rate changes.

I am having basically the same problem. It was suggested to me to turn the flood fill off. I did and it didnt help me any but it may help you.

I went back through the settings and looked at speed. Not sure if I accidentally changed it or if the update from a few days ago did it but the settings for my laser were set for a C02 laser. Changed them and now I’m back in business. Thanks all!

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