LightBurn DSP upgrade

How can I see that LigtBurn has been upgraded to DSP ?, in the license manager I can not see the difference and in the LB itself neither. Is there a trick?
I have received mail from the LB people that they have processed my order and I have also deleted and reactivated my license. Am I just too impatient or not skilled enough to see the trees in the forest?

PS. that Oz and co. at all working on a sunday is incredible - 1000 thanks

Hook up your computer. I think it gives you a license error when trying to connect.

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I have tried it and there are no errors, but also does not connect to the machine (LAN)

I only used LAN a few times. I had to set up the network settings in the controller.

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For LAN connection you have to create it manually. (That’s why it says “Be sure your laser is connected via USB cable” when you start the ‘Find my Laser’ tool).

The way to know you have a DSP license is when you click ‘Create Manually’ you can find Ruida in the list.


I must apologize I think, I tried to connect the machine through lan cable directly to the PC without sucsse. I have read so much about usb problems with the various machines and computer therefore it had to be my first choice to use network cable instead.

Now I tried with a usb connection and LightBurn found my new laser right away - perfect for now.

I assume that my LAN connection problems are related to my lack of experience with Linux Mint and especially its network system.
It could be that one of the Linux gurus can enlighten me and help me with the setup.

But right now - it’s just running with usb,
Thank you for your help


That’s what I’ve been looking for, I saw it too but could not remember if it was on the list in advance.

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