Lightburn engraving outside frame

Why does lightburn frame perfectly but goes way outside of frame to engrave. I am trying to engrave dogtags but only 1/4 of what is supposed to be on tag is there. the rest is on spoilboard. I am using xtool D1 pro 10 watt. is there a setting somewhere to prevent this from happening?

Do you possibly have a pointer offset configured and enabled but using the primary laser for your framing?

how do i check?

  1. You’ll need to indicate if you’re using the red laser or primary laser for framing.
  2. For the pointer offset look in Edit->Device Settings. Do you have a pointer offset configured there? Normally if you used the .lbdev provided by xTool to setup your laser one would be configured there with the intention that you’d be using the red laser for framing. However, if you don’t use the red laser then this could cause the symptom you’re describing.

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