Lightburn.exe not closing and causing problems

On my 64bit Windows10 laptop I am using Lightburn version 1.0.02. The laptop is connected via USB cable to an 80W Woodman SCU 1060 using a Ruida 644XG. No camera.

I was having multiple file transfer failures and recently updated Lightburn.

Today, I encountered a new problem with multiple times of the program hanging when I press ‘SEND’. Blue wheel running and upon checking Task Manager found that the program is using O% CPU while failing to respond.

After a day of restarting the program and the laser I found that as well as the currently running instance of Lightburn in Task Manager, up to two earlier instances of Lightburn are still active and using high amounts of power. When I end those instances, the problem doesn’t seem to occur.

Can you do something to ensure Ligtburn properly quits?

Thanks Roger

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