LIGHTBURN Fantasies I have

I have been using lightburn for over a year. I Love it. HOWEVER I feel like I’ve only seen the top of the iceberg in terms of using it to its full potential. SO correct me if any of these features are available already. Here’s my list of things I wish lightburn could…
#1. Create an app OR mobile friendly website function that would allow me to import a graphic or add text and file speed power settings AND give me an estimate on the TIME ESTIMATED for this. I am constantly wishing I could check a price for a client from my phone without having to go to my laptop which is usually at work to see how long a project would take.
2. I do alot of designing right in lightburn because I’m more comfortable with some features than Adobe so I would love a basic shape button on the side that would include a circle, heart, star, octagon, diamond.

If you create Art libraries, you can use them to put shapes into your files. The attached filename contains .TXT at the end of it. Delete the .TXT so the filename becomes Shapes.lbart
When you want to add a shape to your file, drag and drop from Art Library. Here is how they work.



Shapes.lbart.TXT (46.2 KB)

did you create this shapes by yourself thet you made a LB library?

LightBurn provide some basic shapes. We currently offer the ‘Line’, ‘Ellipse’, 'Rectangle, and Polygon tools. The others you list are not currently native tools within LightBurn.

Art Libraries can contain existing art made outside LightBurn, and you can design within LightBurn and save that work to your Art Library as well. - Art Library - LightBurn Software Documentation

I created the star and heart outside of LB, but they could be created with it.

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