Lightburn file does not load


I need help please.
I created a file. It shows in the preview when you choose a file to open… but when I open the file it is empty. I didnt delete the content because it happened to other files as well.
Is there a way I can fix this

Sorry I have a black and red laser 600x900 with ruida controller


Is it possible that your shapes are off-screen? A couple of things to check:

  1. Do you have defined layers in the cuts/layers tab?
  2. If you do Edit → Select All on the workspace, does anything change?
  3. Try Edit → Select All and then Window → Frame Selection. Does that bring you to an object?

Hi…tried all of the options…nothing is coming up

It shows in my files preview on the right but when i open it…its empty

Is this something new that’s come up? As in you’ve not had this problem in the past but has newly developed? Or it’s been this way from the beginning?

Are you able to share the file? Someone can take a look to see if the file itself is the problem.

This is the second time it happend in two months. I shared the file with my sister but its the same with her

As a workaround, perhaps try exporting the file to an SVG or something else and import it into a new file. Sounds like this might be some sort of file corruption that the LightBurn folks might have more insight into.

Are you saving this to a synced folder by chance? I’ve read a few times that that messes things up.

If you are comfortable looking at the Lightburn file in a text editor, see if there is any code after the Thumbnail code. See below:

What kind of synced folder would this be? You mean like dropbox or onedrive?

Yes those and also synology NAS backup folders.

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Thank you…tried it already

Hi. Im saving it directly on my pc…if I understand your question right

I dont know how to do this. Will you be able to guide me pls

Below is much easier.

Open NotePad in Windows


Switch from .TXT to all files, navigate to your LBRN or LBRN2 file, select it and select OPEN

Look for code after Thumbnail source

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Thank you…i will try it tomorrow

That’s way easier LOL

The LBRN file format is pretty easy to edit in a text editor. @LightBurn designed it that way. You can copy and paste code between files without opening Lightburn.

A suggestion …

I also had situations: Opening an old file … OMG, empty!
But … have you tried to zoom out, to see the whole canvas and beyond? It sometimes happened to me that I saved the file in a close up zoom where no content is visible and the file was “empty”, after the zoom out everything was in place.