Lightburn for MOPA

Crossing over from Co2 style laser to a MOPA style laser. Will the new Fiber laser software work with a MOPA style laser or strictly fiber only? Wondering if there are/will be color settings

Thank you

Being able to do colors on a MOPA machine is purely an issue of figuring out the frequencies, etc. for your machine on a particular substrate. It has nothing to do with the software. LightBurn for Galvo machines will allow you to have full control over power, speed, frequency, etc. just like you have in EZCad, therefor can be used for colors on stainless steel. It’s something that comes with experimentation though, as each and every machine is a bit different. Takes time to figure it out.

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it’s my understanding that it’s like your co2, the deciding factor is the controller. That’s ‘who’ or what Lightburn needs to communicate, not the type of laser.

MOPA is “Master oscillator power amplifier” and I think it’s how the laser is excited and allows much more power/frequency control. The controller sits between Lightburn and the actual laser, same as your co2…

IMHO like most of this stuff, it’s another laser that you to learn it’s idiosyncrasies.

If you pick one up, let us know… I’ve kept my eyes open, but it’s rather expensive…

Good luck


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As @sutick describes, yes. :slight_smile:


Perfect, Thanks for the replies… This is what I was hoping to hear. I figured it was a try till I find the right freq, but wasn’t too sure.

One thing that may help is the Materials Test that’s now included in LightBurn. You can use it for Speed, Power, Interval, Passes, Frequency and Q-Pulse when using a fiber laser. Easy to set up test grids for frequency to narrow down and find different colors, etc.


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