Lightburn freezes on larger file

Hi need help please, my fibre rotary has been working fine but since trying to do a full wrap on a stainless water bottle my lightburn just freezes, I have tried 2 different images same result, If I change to a simple image clipart etc all works as it should, I have added the file that does not work.
joker water bottle.lbrn2 (2.0 MB)

What kind of PC do you use? I can open that file without issues. (i5 10400F, 32GB Ram)

Hi , Intel I7,*8gb ram, 64 operating system. I can open the file frame etc, Its only when I press start it freezes, smaller images work ok,

It opened ok for me, however the issue you might have is you are using a too big DPI.

Maybe you just need to give LightBurn a min to finish all the processing.

Now on fiber that might be required but still seems too high.
Maybe someone with more Fiber experience could comment