Lightburn freezes, since version 1.1.00 and 1.1.01, please help


For about 3 days ago, i updated lightburn from version 1 to 1.1.00 Next lightburn is slow in starting the software, and today there was a popup that i can upgrade to 1.1.01 so i did, i thought that may fix the problem but no… there are more problems now!

I have a new i5 laptop 16gB ram, with windows 11 this one is slow with loading lightburn software to start.

I have a bit older laptop i5 Elitebook 8470P with windows 10pro.
This one is standing next to my laser, and i updated lightburn too today.

But… version 1.1.01 is crashing! It is working for a few minutes to 10 minutes, and then it freezes, have to close it with ctrl-alt-delete.

What can i do?

Can i go back to version 1.0.00?? and how?

You can download older versions here: Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

Yes but can u install them over a newer version. So all software settings are the same?

If you uninstall the current version you have, it leaves the LightBurn preferences in place so that when you install the older version, your configuration, etc. is still there, yes.

Thanks! That was what i wanna hear :smiley::+1:t2:

Hope everything works fine then. But why i have this problems, bugs in the new releases?

Can you explain what you’re doing when it freezes / crashes? Do you get a crash dump?

When i do different things, when I’m drawing something, and also when i send a file to the laser, that works fine. I go to the laser when it is running.
When i come back at my laptop it’s crashed (only lightburn, windows is working normally) and windows says lightburn is not responding.

I use lightburn about a year and never had any problem.

  • Do you have your laptop set to sleep or power down after a period of time?
  • Do you use a camera?
  • If you download an older version do you still have this problem?
  • It don’t get in sleep mode, all energy settings are off.

  • I Don’t use a camera

  • I gonna try to install the older version again, i think tomorrow.

Thanks for the answers everyone, i let u know if it worked.

Thanks everyone, when i donwgraded to 1.0.06 version on both laptops, they both works fine again, no issues!

It would be really nice to know what’s actually going wrong here, because this is just bypassing the problem, not solving it.

If you can get the new one to freeze again, and grab a call stack from it, that could help figuring out the cause:

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