LightBurn freezes when communicating with laser

I have never had an issue with LightBurn freezing until I installed version 1.0. Now every few times I send a command to the laser, LightBurn freezes so hard that task manager cannot force it to shut down. I need to restart Windows and open LightBurn again and hope it doesn’t freeze when I tell it to start a job.
The freezing happens whenever sending a command to the laser, whether it be a cut, etch or even framing the artwork. The thing is, it doesn’t do it every time. Maybe every 3-5 times I send a command.
Any suggestions?

Windows 10
Ruida controller
Lightburn 1.0

This isn’t something I’ve seen before. Is it happening when you send a file / job, or just anything? (Like jogging, pause, etc?)

It happens when sending a file or something as simple as using the FRAME button to confirm the artwork layout on the material.
When it locks up the laser doesn’t move or give any messages so it doesn’t look like anything gets sent out.
It does not lock up when using the Ruida pad directly.

When it locks, do you see the timer on the bottom of the Ruida screen counting? This was happening on Macs, but I hadn’t seen it on Windows machines before, and I think we have a fix for it - testing now.

This may be happening to me too. I’m on a Mac, Big Sur. Happy to perform tests and report back.

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