Lightburn freezing

Hi all
I have been using laser-grbl to control my diy laser cutter i think i have grbl 1.1f on the arduino, it gave me a few problems with random freezing on cuts then i found lightburn it was working great not having any problems i have 4 days left of the trial on my way to buy it, and then it started freezing, when i connect it homes and i can jog around no problem but as soon as i want to start a cut or use the location tab to move my laser head it crashes, then i have to disconnect and connect again i noticed that my position reports a weird number but i changed my $10 to 1 now that is back to normal but it still freezes, i am out off ideas?
Thanks for the help in advance

Check to make sure you don’t have a workspace offset applied. You can type $# and hit enter, and the G54 line it reports should be all zeros (the first entry). $10 should be 0, as that tells the system to report positions including any workspace offset you have, for cases where you need to use that to move the origin to the front left corner. This is documented here:

If you had freezing before, check to make sure you have a good quality USB cable that’s no longer than 16 feet, you have a good power supply connected, and everything is grounded properly. Electrical noise and interference is a common reason for communication issues.

Thanks i checked it and it had a massive number something like 245314658.49, put my machine offset in again G10 L2 P1 X-1250 Y-800 and it started working again, would like to know how that changed, i am glad ita working again will check tomorrow when i cut if it freezes again

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