Lightburn Functionality Requests

I’d like to know if Lightburn will be incorporating a better image control feature. Ive used RDWorks and do not like it compared to LB but one feature I do like in RDWorks is the bitmap editor which allows you to change the brightness and contrast. Perhaps Im missing something in LB that allows me to do this?

It would be nice to have a few basic bitmap functions, like simple rectangle crop and image invert.

Brightness and Contrast are already in the next release.


My plan is to have a shape crop (any shape) and you can already invert a bitmap in the Scan settings for images - there’s a negate button.


Darn, that’s another useful function I did not know about.

It’s here:


Thanks for the pic, that really helps.

Would it be possible for the Library function “Assign to Layer” to work regardless of the current layer setting. Currently it seems that if the library item is a Scan function the Assign only works if the selected layer is already set as scan.

So I must go back to the layer setting and make the change before I can assign the library setting I want. But since I already know I want the library setting to override the layer setting why not just let the software override it with making me change it?

Not seeing the same Allen. Assign to layer from Materials Library is adjusting my cut settings, changing from cut to scan or other options I have saved in library. Can you provide additional information and repeatable example?

Sure, I will check it when I get home tonight.

You can’t assign vector settings (cut/scan) to image layers or vice versa, but that should be it.

That was my issue I was trying to assign a Scan library setting to an Image layer. I wanted to create the image with the same power and speed settings I had saved for that material. I guess I could save a new library setting for image, but I did not think of that at the time since I was not understanding it was just image settings that were not compatible.

But the create New from layer seems to be able to overwrite the current library setting
a scan setting will overwrite an Image setting in the library

Allen, can you please rephrase. Not following this statement.

Never mind - it is fine. Now that I understand why it was not allowing me to assign the library setting I can deal with it. I understand that images and scans have different parameters so what you are doing makes sense. Thanks

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Just finished have to setup an awkward piece on work bed of the laser. Due to the complex shape setting the origin to the middle was my best option.

I was wondering if it would be possible/useful to have a function in LB that would allow the user to specify top/bottom and left/right positions of the physical material my position the red dot laser at each position and letting LB know the laser head is positioned over the corresponding spot then have LB simply calculate the center and move the laser head to that position. LB does seem able to read absolute X,Y positioning from the laser (at least for Ruida controller)

This could be done with five buttons on a special centering tab

  1. Set Top
  2. Set Bottom
  3. Set Left
  4. Set RIght
  5. Goto Center

Seems like it would be a relatively easy function to add that would make set up much quicker for some items.