Lightburn generate wrong gcode

i faced some weird problem and need help , my x,y motion is good and accurate in term of hardware , and my board and grbl 1.1 also seems work good , but when i try to cut or engrave circle , x and y motor move very bad , i mean even a single circle that i draw in software , it doest work seamless and didnt even draw a circle , every thing in preview mode is ok , but in real it has problem , i have to mention when i use jog in software when i just move x or y exclusive , another axis move a few visible step to , and even it represent in position bar , i have to mention i run my firmware and check my system with UGS and in UGS every think work exactly right so i think it doesn’t related to hardware or firmware , i use arduino as main board and grbl 1.1 as firmware , and as i said above in curve and circles it cut Interrupted and cut off and non-continuous , it is all about gcode that software generate

i think it is about generating wrong g code and i dont know why, for example for simple circle that has 10 cm dia and it is in center of my bed (20x20cm) and in line mode , it is:
; LightBurn 1.3.01
; GRBL-M3 (1.1e or earlier) device profile, absolute coords
; Bounds: X94 Y94 to X104 Y104
G00 G17 G40 G21 G54
; Cut @ 6001 mm/min, 21% power
G0 X104Y101
; Layer C00
G1 Y98.871S50F6001
G1 Y98.743
G1 X105.985Y98.615
G1 X105.974Y98.489
G1 X105.96Y98.363
G1 X105.942Y98.239
G1 X105.922Y98.115
G1 X105.898Y99.992
G1 X105.872Y99.871
G1 X105.843Y99.75
G1 X105.81Y99.631
G1 X105.775Y99.513
G1 X105.737Y99.396
G1 X105.697Y99.281
G1 X105.653Y99.167
G1 X105.607Y99.054
G1 X105.558Y96.942
G1 X105.507Y96.832
G1 X105.453Y96.724
G1 X105.397Y96.617
G1 X105.338Y96.511
G1 X105.276Y96.407
G1 X105.212Y96.305
G1 X105.146Y96.204
G1 X105.078Y96.106
G1 X105.007Y96.008
G1 X102.934Y97.913
G1 X102.858Y97.82
G1 X102.781Y97.728
G1 X102.701Y97.638
G1 X102.619Y97.55
G1 X102.536Y97.464
G1 X102.45Y97.381
G1 X102.362Y97.299
G1 X102.272Y97.219
G1 X102.18Y97.142
G1 X102.087Y97.066
G1 X103.992Y94.993
G1 X103.894Y94.922
G1 X103.796Y94.854
G1 X103.695Y94.788
G1 X103.593Y94.724
G1 X103.489Y94.662
G1 X103.383Y94.603
G1 X103.276Y94.547
G1 X103.168Y94.493
G1 X103.058Y94.442
G1 X100.946Y94.393
G1 X100.833Y94.347
G1 X100.719Y94.303
G1 X100.604Y94.263
G1 X100.487Y94.225
G1 X100.369Y94.19
G1 X100.25Y94.157
G1 X100.129Y94.128
G1 X100.008Y94.102
G1 X101.885Y94.078
G1 X101.761Y94.058
G1 X101.637Y94.04
G1 X101.511Y94.026
G1 X101.385Y94.015
G1 X101.257
G1 X101.129Y94.002
G1 X101
G1 X98.871
G1 X98.743
G1 X98.615Y94.015
G1 X98.489Y94.026
G1 X98.363Y94.04
G1 X98.239Y94.058
G1 X98.115Y94.078
G1 X99.992Y94.102
G1 X99.871Y94.128
G1 X99.75Y94.157
G1 X99.631Y94.19
G1 X99.513Y94.225
G1 X99.396Y94.263
G1 X99.281Y94.303
G1 X99.167Y94.347
G1 X99.054Y94.393
G1 X96.942Y94.442
G1 X96.832Y94.493
G1 X96.724Y94.547
G1 X96.617Y94.603
G1 X96.511Y94.662
G1 X96.407Y94.724
G1 X96.305Y94.788
G1 X96.204Y94.854
G1 X96.106Y94.922
G1 X96.008Y94.993
G1 X97.913Y97.066
G1 X97.82Y97.142
G1 X97.728Y97.219
G1 X97.638Y97.299
G1 X97.55Y97.381
G1 X97.464Y97.464
G1 X97.381Y97.55
G1 X97.299Y97.638
G1 X97.219Y97.728
G1 X97.142Y97.82
G1 X97.066Y97.913
G1 X94.993Y96.008
G1 X94.922Y96.106
G1 X94.854Y96.204
G1 X94.788Y96.305
G1 X94.724Y96.407
G1 X94.662Y96.511
G1 X94.603Y96.617
G1 X94.547Y96.724
G1 X94.493Y96.832
G1 X94.442Y96.942
G1 X94.393Y99.054
G1 X94.347Y99.167
G1 X94.303Y99.281
G1 X94.263Y99.396
G1 X94.225Y99.513
G1 X94.19Y99.631
G1 X94.157Y99.75
G1 X94.128Y99.871
G1 X94.102Y99.992
G1 X94.078Y98.115
G1 X94.058Y98.239
G1 X94.04Y98.363
G1 X94.026Y98.489
G1 X94.015Y98.615
G1 Y98.743
G1 X94.002Y98.871
G1 Y101
G1 Y101.129
G1 Y101.257
G1 X94.015Y101.385
G1 X94.026Y101.511
G1 X94.04Y101.637
G1 X94.058Y101.761
G1 X94.078Y101.885
G1 X94.102Y100.008
G1 X94.128Y100.129
G1 X94.157Y100.25
G1 X94.19Y100.369
G1 X94.225Y100.487
G1 X94.263Y100.604
G1 X94.303Y100.719
G1 X94.347Y100.833
G1 X94.393Y100.946
G1 X94.442Y103.058
G1 X94.493Y103.168
G1 X94.547Y103.276
G1 X94.603Y103.383
G1 X94.662Y103.489
G1 X94.724Y103.593
G1 X94.788Y103.695
G1 X94.854Y103.796
G1 X94.922Y103.894
G1 X94.993Y103.992
G1 X97.066Y102.087
G1 X97.142Y102.18
G1 X97.219Y102.272
G1 X97.299Y102.362
G1 X97.381Y102.45
G1 X97.464Y102.536
G1 X97.55Y102.619
G1 X97.638Y102.701
G1 X97.728Y102.781
G1 X97.82Y102.858
G1 X97.913Y102.934
G1 X96.008Y105.007
G1 X96.106Y105.078
G1 X96.204Y105.146
G1 X96.305Y105.212
G1 X96.407Y105.276
G1 X96.511Y105.338
G1 X96.617Y105.397
G1 X96.724Y105.453
G1 X96.832Y105.507
G1 X96.942Y105.558
G1 X99.054Y105.607
G1 X99.167Y105.653
G1 X99.281Y105.697
G1 X99.396Y105.737
G1 X99.513Y105.775
G1 X99.631Y105.81
G1 X99.75Y105.843
G1 X99.871Y105.872
G1 X99.992Y105.898
G1 X98.115Y105.922
G1 X98.239Y105.942
G1 X98.363Y105.96
G1 X98.489Y105.974
G1 X98.615Y105.985
G1 X98.743
G1 X98.871Y105.998
G1 X101
G1 X101.129
G1 X101.257
G1 X101.385Y105.985
G1 X101.511Y105.974
G1 X101.637Y105.96
G1 X101.761Y105.942
G1 X101.885Y105.922
G1 X100.008Y105.898
G1 X100.129Y105.872
G1 X100.25Y105.843
G1 X100.369Y105.81
G1 X100.487Y105.775
G1 X100.604Y105.737
G1 X100.719Y105.697
G1 X100.833Y105.653
G1 X100.946Y105.607
G1 X103.058Y105.558
G1 X103.168Y105.507
G1 X103.276Y105.453
G1 X103.383Y105.397
G1 X103.489Y105.338
G1 X103.593Y105.276
G1 X103.695Y105.212
G1 X103.796Y105.146
G1 X103.894Y105.078
G1 X103.992Y105.007
G1 X102.087Y102.934
G1 X102.18Y102.858
G1 X102.272Y102.781
G1 X102.362Y102.701
G1 X102.45Y102.619
G1 X102.536Y102.536
G1 X102.619Y102.45
G1 X102.701Y102.362
G1 X102.781Y102.272
G1 X102.858Y102.18
G1 X102.934Y102.087
G1 X105.007Y103.992
G1 X105.078Y103.894
G1 X105.146Y103.796
G1 X105.212Y103.695
G1 X105.276Y103.593
G1 X105.338Y103.489
G1 X105.397Y103.383
G1 X105.453Y103.276
G1 X105.507Y103.168
G1 X105.558Y103.058
G1 X105.607Y100.946
G1 X105.653Y100.833
G1 X105.697Y100.719
G1 X105.737Y100.604
G1 X105.775Y100.487
G1 X105.81Y100.369
G1 X105.843Y100.25
G1 X105.872Y100.129
G1 X105.898Y100.008
G1 X105.922Y101.885
G1 X105.942Y101.761
G1 X105.96Y101.637
G1 X105.974Y101.511
G1 X105.985Y101.385
G1 Y101.257
G1 X105.998Y101.129
G1 Y101
G1 S0
; return to user-defined finish pos
G0 X1 Y1

if you use above code in some online simulator like you can clearly see it is about wrong generated gcode , so why this happen , my lightburn version is 1.3.01

I re-imported this GCode into LightBurn to get a look at it:

This can happen when one of LightBurn’s internal integrity checks fails. Did you download LightBurn directly from us, or did you get it from somewhere (or someone) else?

yes but it must be a regular circle
that is what i mean , it generate totally wrong gcode over curve , and i send this as sample

no i dont download it directly from you , but i download from reliable software store , how even possible to change the version integrity ?

It seems the source you downloaded from is not as reliable as you thought. We have internal checks in place to protect against pirated copies of LightBurn.

Try downloading directly from our website, here: Download Free Trial – LightBurn Software

ok , i try to uninstall this and reinstall from yours , i will keep you update when i test that , thank you

i think it is about the right version i download the new one and it seems the problem solve , thank you

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