Lightburn goes busy when moving laser have to restart Lightburn

I have been having issues where my Lightburn laser status goes into busy mode when I attempt to move laser and the only way to reset it is to restart program. Have tested my LaserMaster2 with LaserGBRL so I know it is working.
thanks for the help

Your description leads me to think you getting an Alarm 2 on console

This would be most commonly a problem of having “user defined” Job start instead of absolute Coordenates or current position.

So questions
a) when machine goes busy what error do you get in console
b) what job Start are you using?


starting Stream
Stream completed in 0:00
[MSG:Reset to continue

this also happens when from x and y zero and attempt to move laser with arrows

What do you have selected here please?

i had origin set to center position

And Start From: is set to?

front left corner is Zero is this perhaps what is causing the issue?

What option do you have in Start From?
Current position, Absolute Coordinates or User Defined?

im rather new to this software I usually start my jobs from zero and place text/image as per screen location. have to read up more on all these co-ordinates and setting

User coordinates are bottom left as well as current position. Absolute co ordinates grayed out

This happened again when attempting to frame a box I had created on my workplane

I been asking you on the lase 3 posts what your Start From is
Can you please change User Origin, to Absolute Coordenates Or Current position and try again?

currently running a burn managed to get it going. have set it to absolute coordinates. sorry was confused on what you were asking. will advise.

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I have a similar issue. It goes into Idle for some reason

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