Lightburn hangs after a couple of minutes

Hi, I’ve recently changed laptops, previously had zero issues on my Dell, but on this MSI gaming laptop, Lightburn just seems to hang after a few minutes, seemingly randomly as it happens at different times. Version 1.0.06. No firm pattern to it, it can be clicking the file open box, it can be when adding text on a new document, just now it was when hitting “frame” (although hitting frame a couple of minutes previous was fine).

Laptop is an MSI GT72 6QE, I searched the forum and the only other article about LB hanging in a similar fashion was ALSO on an MSI laptop, although there didn’t appear to be a definite solution/answer to that poster. Seems too much of a coincidence. I’ve tried the settings changes in the other article with no success.

It doesn’t recover, I have to use task manager to close it, other programs still run at the same time with no issue. I’ve tried double clicking a saved file in order to open LB but makes no difference.

Thanks in advance.

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