Lightburn hangs on startup

Hi - I’ve recently changed my controller card to a LunYee CNC GRBL 1.1 which I connect through using a virtual USB port and a Silex DS-510. This was working fine with the previous card which was seen as com3: but the new card (seen as com4:) is proving problematic. Often when the virtual usb is active Lightburn hangs on the splash screen until after about 3 minutes I get a BSOD DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE error. If I don’t launch the virtual com port Lightburn launches fine, I then launch the virtual USB and can see com4: but at this point Lightburn stops responding. This problem happens on 1.3.01 & 1.4.00. A combination of rebooting my PC and disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable into the controller eventually gets me going again. Any help appreciated.

LightBurn shouldn’t hang.

I’ll report this to the dev team and will likely be back with questions.

Many thanks. For info this is the controller I’m using: LunYee Controller

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