Lightburn has a programming problem!

First of all I am a retired electrical engineer. I am 60 days new at this laser burning stuff. I have two laser, one is Ortur M2-7 watt and the other is a Ortur M2- 15 watt. My OS is windows 7 Pro 32 bit. I am using Light Burn 9.24. I run both lasers at the same time, a lot. I burn a lot of wood and ceramic tile. If I try to burn anything 6” square or larger, both machines will burn a solid horizontal line all the way across my subjects about 80 percent of the way up from the bottom of my project. If just one machine was messing up I would think that the problem lies with the laser. But when both machines do the same thing, that tells me that problem is with Light Burn.
So, do you have an update to fix this problem or can you even fix it? What do I do?

R Cline

We are currently working to understand what is happening and are testing solutions as of this post.

You can roll back to an Older Version to keep going. :slight_smile:

The question is, how far to roll back, I am getting astray lines in a fill+line file. I am willing to back up, but how far? At 9.24 now?

Try 9.20 or earlier. :slight_smile:

Randy posted a follow up to this, in case anyone is wondering what the outcome was:

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