Lightburn has issue with network

So i set up a network share (the wife wont allow the laser in the house :smiley: ) on my other PC, i could open file,modify file etc but when it went to autosave file it would lock up entire pc,had to hard power down.

Unsure if there is a autosave setting i can adjust, but for now i can copy to local (which i finally figure out i had to do) and it seems to be running same ol same ol.

Originally I used a remote mounted file system over the lan, but recently I’ve mounted the disk via an secured shell file system (sshfs) connection over wifi.

I have found no issues and it sounds like a os type proplem. I suggest you check your file protection for some kind of access problem.

If all of that seems ok, then a little more information with details so we can help you…


Given windows 10 proclivities to try to “help” you protect you from yourself, i’ll look into that later, its bad enough on my home network i have to supply credentials for the share (which is just a folder on my big external HD), i can copy from the share to a USB key on that machine in the shop and it runs fine. I have a windows service i’ll install that will clean up the drive for me every month or so.

or i’ll just install fedora :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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