Lightburn having problems

Lightburn is acting up. sometimes it comes up on dark mode and other times not. just now it is only running half of a cut file not sure what’s going on. tried a different usb cable and same thing, but it had been running just fine till now. im using a m1 Mac. Oh yea my camera works but it to having problems. Its working but when I take a snapshot nothing happens.
Just downloaded an older version and it also is only running half the file.

Follow up. I remade my files and it is cutting fine now. Have no idea why the file got corrupted but i guess it did. My camera still won’t take a snapshot which is a pain and don’t understand going back to the older versions didn’t fix the problem but the older version which worked fine till i downloaded 1.2 now does not. I hope Lightburn gets this figured out. It’s a pain but still glad Lightburn works for galvo’s. I do want the camera to work as its very convenient and hope there’s a fix soon for it.

I’m marking the discovery of the corrupt .lbrn file as a solution but we should look at the camera issue separately.

In February your camera started working after you moved it. I often suspect USB cables. Is there another app that you use that would offer confirmation that the camera is working and connected to the computer?

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