Lightburn in office and workshop. How to keep setup?

Hello! I have Lightburn installed on a computer in my office and a computer in the workshop. I have calibrated the camera with the program that I have in the workshop. If I create a template on the office’s Lightburn, should I save it as a .svg file or .lbrn2? Don’t want to change my settings in the workshop…?!
Grateful for answers. Regards Kent

Save it as lrbn2. This format preserves all file-specific settings (like layer settings). SVG is only an exchange format that keeps the shapes, basically.

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Thanks for the reply. But if I use lbrn2 when creating a template on my office computer it will change the setting on my workshop computer if I understand you correctly. Shouldn’t I then use svg? Because I don’t want to change the settings in Lightburn on my workshop computer.

What do you mean by “settings”? The lbrn2-file will contain all settings related to the project, that means shapes, layers, and layer settings (speeds, power, mode, etc). It does not change any LightBurn or machine settings.
If you only transfer the SVG, you need to set speeds etc. again every time. It does not make sense in my opinion. I use four different machines with LB and a OneDrive share for the project files. I always save my projects as lbrn2 and open them on my laser machine to send it to different lasers (there are three lasers connected to the laser laptop).

I think I agree with your reasoning. I just thought that since I calibrated my camera with the computer and lightburn that I have in the workshop that is also connected to the laser, I was afraid that the files that I created in lightburn on my office computer would then change the settings so the image I got from the camera got it wrong… I’ve actually seen examples of that… thanks for the help

The project file does not touch the camera calibration. All machine-specific settings remain.

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