Lightburn installation

What am I doing wrong!!! I purchased the program and we have it on two computers but … each time I log in it needs to be re installed and it’s driving me to frustration. I actually un-installed it hoping that may fix the problem but it hasn’t. Please can someone advise me on how I may solve this issue … thank you in advance

On Win 10 you have to give several permissions to windows to install a thing. Occasionally you need ‘administrative privilege’ depending on how it’s set up.

Sometimes the anti-virus software will decide that installations are not allowed and the computer will fail to install key components.

Turn off the virus checker and try again.

Capture any questions asked by windows and any pop-up boxes during the install process by pressing the Windows key and while holding it pressinging the print screen key. The screen will darken for about one to two seconds to let you know it grabbed the image. The image will be captured in Screenshots in your documents folder.

If you are unsuccessful with this installation you can drag and drop the screen captures into a reply here and we can try to see what happened.

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