Lightburn is in bij bar but i do not see enything


Yesterday I downloaded the trail version. and he worked but suddenly it was gone. When I start it up I get to see that I have 29 days left to try. but then i press okay then I see nothing more but at the bottom of my bar I see the icon of lightburn. Can someone help me lease get it right again?

@Palomino, answered your email as well.

Try holding Shift when it launches - sometimes the window restore data gets messed up.

Please post questions here on the forum for the fastest answers. Others get the benefit of the responses as well :slight_smile: Email should be reserved for license issues and business related discussions. Thank you.

Oké Rick thank you, i am not so good in English but i trie to find it out how i must do it.
And i heve also a question . i have no colourbar so i can not make someshape a other colour
in the lesson on You tube there is a colourbar on the bottom.
How can i se that?

If using Windows, maximize the window size for the program by clicking the maximize Windows button in the very upper right corner of your computer screen.

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Yes, no it is there!Thank you
Doug , i have a lot to learn.