Lightburn is very slow compared to the software included, please help

New to the laser engraving world, and so far loving it - i love the Lightburn software compared to the software that came with my machine “Engrave Master” - as it is just about Paint vs Photoshop.

However, with the same setting (I believe), and same stock - Lightburn performs much slower, 3-4 times slower.
Could you give me some pointers, is there something wrong with the set up? Thank you -

Can you further define “performs slower”?
Does the laser job run more slowly that the stock software?
Is LightBurn taking longer to generate the gcode than the stock software?

You don’t have ‘Laser Mode’ enabled in your firmware ($32=0 is spindle mode, $32=1 is laser mode). This means that the machine will pause with every power change, waiting for the attached spindle (rotary tool) to speed up or slow down. Lasers don’t require this pause, so enabling laser mode is advised.

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$32=1 did the trick for me, thanks Oz

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