Lightburn it won't switch from port 1 to port 2

I have a 4.2 watt it wont stay on port 2 that’s were it burns - port 1 will run but no burn - what the heck - I’ve loaded and removed program several times -when it does load it’s on port #1 - I need to be able to switch to port #2 there must be an easy answer - i hope

What do you mean by “port #1” and “port #2”?

Are these COM ports?

Yes that correct

The port number shouldn’t matter at all - are you saying that the laser itself is being assigned COM1 when you plug it in, but it only actually burns things if it gets assigned to COM2? Or are you saying that LightBurn won’t let you use it if it’s in COM2?

Your description of what’s happening isn’t clear.

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