Lightburn keeps burning my words

Even with over enabled. Lightburn keeps burning the first and last letters of all my words. Why is this?

Hello David,

It could be airflow related.
Do you have a picture of the result?
What material are you using?

Kind regards,


I’m using birch. 3mm

You can increase the over scan distance until you find a setting that no longer burns darker at the start and end of the scan. The default is 2.5%
Try increasing it 0.5% at a time until the dark start and end burn goes away.

Thanks bro. I will try that out.

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What controller do you have, David? If you can post a picture of your result and give us a few more specifics about the board & firmware you’re using we can likely give better answers.

I think I may have fixed it with making the overscan distance more. I have the cohesion3d mini 1.0. IDK why I didn’t receive a newer board when I bought this.

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