Lightburn keeps closing down

I am having an issue where (about 80% of the time) LightBurn shuts down on me. Most of the time this is when I come back to an engraving job such as slate coaster that take an hour or more to run. Sometimes it is while I am actively doing design work in LightBurn–during mouse movements, button clicks, typing text, sizing or aligning objects, etc.

Since this has happened multiple times, I have multiple logs which I’ll paste below. I’m hoping that with the logs from multiple crashes, someone can tell me what I need to do in order to fix it.

Hi Kelly,

Please email the logs to with as much information about what was happening at the time of the crash as you can.

When Lightburn crashes it should hopefully leave a “LightBurn_Crash_Log.txt” file on your desktop, please email that to us.