LightBurn Keeps Crashin when image rotated 90 degrees

every time I rotate image 90 degrees LightBurn crashes!

This is a well known bug and discussed here: 90 degree rotated image and pass through crashes LightBurn
90 degree rotate images and ‘Pass Through’ activated in cut settings.
Rotate your image before importing in Lightburn or deactivate ‘Pass Through’

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As Jogi suggests, there is a known issue with the combination of using ‘Pass-Through’ (which tells LightBurn to not touch the image) and rotating the image (which is obviously “touching” the image). Is this what you are trying to accomplish? For now, do all image prep work prior to import into LightBurn and use ‘Pass-Through’ OR, Do your image work inside of and allow LightBurn to do the desired dithering for the image and don’t use ‘Pass-Through’.

We would like to see any crash report as LightBurn should not crash. Please email any LightBurn crash reports/Stack trace messages you get to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com for review.

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This has actually been tracked down and fixed for the next release. I got a few good files submitted that highlighted it, but for now, rotate where you run the script if you’re using pass-through.

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