Lightburn keeps crashing

Hi. I just installed Lightburn 0.9.09 on my Microsoft 64 computer. When I click the import button, the program crashes. I don’t get any further than this when the program crashes. Please help. Thanks!

Thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear you are having issues. LightBurn should not crash.

Do you get any crash report when this happens? We would like to review any reports the are presented if there is an issue so we can reproduce and correct here. Please forward any reports to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and include all details as to what you have, what you where doing at the time of crash and please include a link to this post as a reminder as well. This way we can review and let you know what we find.

If the crash happens when you click the import button itself, you likely have something installed that’s trying to show file previews that’s unstable. In LightBurn’s settings, try enabling the ‘bypass’ switch shown here:

If that works, the problem is as I suggested - If you have a bunch of 3rd party software installed that has Explorer previews, one of those is the culprit, and unfortunately there’s no easy way to know which one.

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