Lightburn keeps engraving last project., and not current

I engraved/cut a ruler the other day. Yesterday I tried to engrave a pencil, but it keeps engraving the ruler. Cutting is not a problem. If I ask it to cut something, it does. It just keeps engraving the ruler, no matter what is on the screen.

Clear any files on the TF card and try again. Does the behavior change?

To clear, I just remove the TF card? I have done that. It is a 32 bit card, by the way.

Assuming the laser is powered off, yes. Then connect to your computer and delete any files on the card. Then reinsert into the laser.

You removed the card or your cleared the contents of the card and reinserted?

Not following what you mean by this. Are you referring to the capacity? 32 GB?

Yes, 32 GB. I removed the card and put it back in. Does that clear the TF card?


Remove card, plug into your computer (you’ll likely need a TF card reader for this), delete contents, remove card, reinsert into laser.

ok! Will that remove my existing projects though?

Did you explicitly place any files on the card for offline burning? If not, then the card is only being used for temporary storage. If you’re concerned about losing something then take a backup of the content before deleting.

ok…Thanks. You were a huge help.

Was the issue resolved?

Yes!!! Thank you!

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