Lightburn licences renewed

I renewed my license this weekend. (5/10/2020) It says on my licence updates for 107 days. I thought I had a year.

It gives you a year from the date it expired, not from the date you renewed.


It’s done this way because it is the fairest I can possibly make it. If you and I purchase licenses on the same day, and a year later I renew right away, but you wait a couple months, until some cool new feature comes out and then renew. Over time, the moment you are required to renew changes - by waiting, you keep pushing it later, and will have access to more features than I do, even though I paid more money, and that’s not fair.

Does that mean that if somebody waits 2 years to upgrade that nothing will happen when they upgrade because they are behind 1 year still?

If they buy a single Renewal, then they would have access to all updates provided during the first 730 days of activation (first 365 days free w/license, plus one renewal). The renewal adds 365 days to your expiry date. In this case, the user would need to purchase another renewal to have access to any update provided after day 730.

Got it. Need more characters.

It’s a bargain. Plus, trust me… I have an extensive background in Software Asset Management, IT Procurement, Vendor Management, and Licensing management / negotiation.

I’ve never heard of or seen a better supported, feedback developed, response to questions, welcomed atmosphere to suggestions, etc publisher than LightBurn.

Oz, you and your growing team are really something.

I think the folks with GCode systems, where the initial price is only $40, feel like it’s less of a bargain because the renewal price is so close to the license price. Why not wait 6 months and just buy a new license for $40 instead of $30? I understand that point of view, so here’s my rebuttal:

The DSP version costs more because it takes dramatically more effort to reverse engineer the DSP systems to make them work. GCode systems are documented, and challenging in their own ways, but DSPs have a much higher initial implementation cost.

GCode system users start with systems that often aren’t pre-configured, having strapped a diode to a 3D printer or CNC mill without homing switches or current firmware, many know close to nothing about their hardware. The companies they purchase from vanish once the money is in hand, leaving us to troubleshoot and educate, and that costs a lot of time.

DSP users, by comparison, spend 10x more money on their hardware, have done more reading, often have better support from the seller (though not always). They start with a system that is designed to be a laser from the outset, is configured more or less properly, and their issues are usually simpler to solve or identify.

New features mostly benefit both sets of users. The new text bend feature, multi-select for nodes, trim and extend, and so on benefit everyone, so I see no reason to charge a different renewal rate - they cost the same to maintain, support, and improve, and that’s what you’re paying for.


Thanks for the quick response. Keep up the good work.

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