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If i understand when you license Lightburn you can install any newer version they come out with for one year. Question is, if i have version X and they come out with version Y. Do i have to install version Y within the year or can i still install it after the year is up.

You can upgrade to any version that is released in the timespan of 12month
if you dont upgrade and THEN try to upgrade a 0.01 version above yours outside 12month window it wont work.

Think about the 12months as “upgrade possible=YES” toggle
Once 12 months pass, Upgrade possible=Off

@JohnJohn can Double check me on this. Just in case :smiley:

You would be able to install any version of LightBurn that was released prior to the date that your upgradability expired. So, say you had upgrade capabilities until March 1, 2024, and an update was release February 25, 2024. You would be able to go back and install that version at any point and time, even if you installed it after your upgrade window ran out. Say another update was released April 12, 2024. You would not be able to install that version.

LightBurn has been moving toward providing free patch revisions. These are the minor bug fixes and refinements between feature releases that increment the Software version by +.01

The patch revisions are currently handled by backdating them manually to the Feature release dates, to allow the patch revisions to be authorized by the license management tools for everyone that paid for the new features.

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So if i understood you correctly
If a major revision (1.5 > 1.6) is launched within the 12 month update period a license holder will be able to upgrade to that

Also - minor revisions between 1.6 > 1.7 so 1.6.01, 02 03 etc are also obtainable even if they come outside the 12 month period.

Practical example
Buy 1st january 2024
2.0 comes out on december 20th 2024
2.0.1 comes out 2nd jan 2025

2.0.1 is still accessible to the 2.0 authorized user correct?

Maybe i am turning complicator on!


And yes… :smiley:

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