Lightburn license transfer

I just bought a used K40 and part of the sale is the owner said he would transfer the lightburn license to me I was just wondering if this is possible he said he got an email yesterday saying and it was complete but I have received no notification of the transfer license via email which is what I would expect

Nevermind I just seen where the Morton who sold me the machine ask the same question a month ago I must just be lost in the mail somewhere I’ll keep waiting for the license to come through

Actually if someone can confirm exactly how I should receive this license it will make me feel better to know when I should be seeing an email or how I would receive the license thanks

Are you asking us to provide you information about a private party sale of a laser that includes software we produce? Individuals that purchase our software are free to transfer their license if they choose to do so. We do not control their choice nor the way they choose to deliver said laser.

If I miss understood your question, please explain and ask again.

I just wasn’t sure what transferring a license would involve if that would change your information or if it would just deactivate his computer and he send me the code thanks

You will need the license key and it would help if the original user sent an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com asking us to complete this transfer. We will want to have confirmation that this change is acceptable to the original owner and include the information to be updated (your contact info).

A key is just a number that can be sent to you via email.

He said that he had sent you that information and that he had received an email back yesterday morning saying that it was complete so I kind of expected an email from lightburn noting this fact when I didn’t receive anything I was concerned whether he had give you the correct email

I am sorry @Okmatt but we work with many folks each day so this issue is not something that I dealt with directly. Can you provide more information as to who this original owner is so I can look for their correspondence with us?

If you are more comfortable doing this in private, please send an email with this information to support at lightburnsoftware dot com, with a link to this post, and I will investigate further.

Did he send you the key? Please don’t post here (I have to say that, well because folks post this personally valuable info). If you have the key, please include that as well in the email. We will help get this sorted. :wink:

I sent you an email with a license number attached thanks for all your help

I was the one who processed the license change, but the normal way this works is that the user gives you their license key code and just tells us they’ve done so, and we put it in your name. You can use our license portal to see the key assigned to you: How to access the license portal to manage your own activations (I’d just post it here, but can’t do so here for obvious reasons)

The key expired on March 8th of this year, so you’ll be able to install and use any version released up to that date, the last being 0.9.09:

Awesome thanks!

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