Lightburn locked out

hi lightburn was working ok yesterday and today when i open lightburn it homes ok and then if i try to do anything i get the below message, im using mks sbase v1.3 with smoothie

Waiting for connection…



mem [-v]
ls [-s] [folder]
cd folder
cat file [limit]
rm file
mv file newfile
play file [-v]
progress - shows progress of current play
abort - abort currently playing file
reset - reset smoothie
dfu - enter dfu boot loader
break - break into debugger
config-get [<configuration_source>] <configuration_setting>
config-set [<configuration_source>] <configuration_setting>
get temp [bed|hotend]
set_temp bed|hotend 185
get pos
load [file] - loads a configuration override file from soecified name or config-override
save [file] - saves a configuration override file as specified filename or as config-override

That’s what Smoothieware emits when you type “help” in the command line. LightBurn does not emit that command on its own. Did you change your on-board config file or anything?

i re-flashed the board and that seemed to have done the trick, only problem i have now is when engraving the x axis goes very slow no matter what speed you set it at

You likely have the board incorrectly configured - you can set per-axis speed limits. Read here:

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