Lightburn locking up with camera

I have a Ortur LM2 and a Monport K40 running Lightburn (latest version) with an updated Windows 10 PC.
I ordered a camera from Comgrow.

The camera alignment and calibration went well and I was able get a very accurate overlay to material test.
However, the next time I opened Lightburn and opened the camera control it showed the bed properly. Then I called for a overlay update.

That’s when it got weird. The camera control window vanished even when selected in ‘Windows’ and I couldn’t get the overlay off the work space and then Lightburn locked up.

Any ideas?

There’s a rare lock-up problem when the active window gets stuck behind the main window.

If it’s locked up so you can’t reach Window then Reset to Default Layout ( at the top of the Window drop-down ) the somewhat stronger version is available by restarting LightBurn while holding the SHIFT key.

Thanks John, that worked. I never noticed that before. It’ll be handy. Jim

John, the next day Lightburn didn’t lock up but the Camera Control hid again and the default didn’t work. Starting Lightburn with the shift key didn’t seem to do anything either.
Any ides? Thanks in advance, Jim

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