Lightburn locks laser when stop button is depressed

Just setup Lightburn and was running an image however when I stopped image burn Laser is locked. after resetting the device Lightburn will not run the laser? what am I not doing right?

Some controllers treat a stop command as an alarm situation. After resetting your controller or power cycling, you will probably need to reconnect from LightBurn. Right-click on the Devices button in the Laser window to force a reconnect. Make sure the right port is selected for your laser.

If that doesn’t work. Then close and reopen LightBurn while the device is on.

image no luck now shows busy and still won’t do anything

If I close Lightburn and open LGRBL Laser responds

You have performed a full power cycle of the laser and you’re certain that COM3 is the correct port? Is that the same port that LaserGRBL is using?

correct and correct

Is it possible you have an instance of LightBurn running in the background? Check task manager or reboot your computer to clear it up.

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