Lightburn loses connection to Laser when Bluetooth is activated

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My connection to the laser always breaks when I turn on Bluetooth on my Mac.
The USB modem then disappeared from the settings.
It is still there in the picture. As soon as I turn on the USB it disappears.
Only when I switch off BT and restart LB and the laser does it work again.

What can I do?
I’ve had this phenomenon since I connected my headphones to the Mac weeks ago. At least this is happening in time.

LB version 1.4.01
Mac OSX 10.13.6
Connection to laser via USB
Laser Ortur LM2

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Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-18 um 06.44.25

Can you take the same screenshot after turning on bluetooth?


I’m also under a lot of stress, sorry.

I uninstalled everything Bluetooth, restarted the PC, reinstalled it and then tested it again.
When I turn on Bluetooth, the connection sometimes disconnects. Not always. Very strange.

Here’s another picture if it’s the right connection and still disconnected.
Let’s see how long and how often it goes well now.


It looks like your BT devices might be forcing a number of serial devices from being dynamically created. Just make sure that the active laser serial device is selected in that field. If it doesn’t work, then right-click the Devices (Geräte) button to force a reconnect.

Also remember on a really good day, the Bluetooth range maximum is 30 feet, or less than 10 meters.

I have not connected the laser via Bluetooth.
It’s about the USB connection that doesn’t work and causes problems when BT is active.


I don’t use BT with my laser, so this is out of my realm of experience.

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