Lightburn, Mac and Yorahome 6550

Has anyone been able to successfully use Lightburn, a Mac and Yorahome 6550. I am new to this and so far nothing but frustration. At first Yorahome told me I probably had a circuit board problem. When the new one was also problematic, they said they would have to do some research and thought there was a problem with Lightburn and the MacOS. I’ve had this a month and have basically gotten nowhere.

What firmware and version number? What version of LightBurn and what version of macOS?

I am having trouble with the same set up too! Everything I try to engrave is backwards and everything I have tried to fix it has failed.

Where do you have the origin set? Change that to flip things around. You may need to flip your artwork as well.

Thank you very much Rick, This worked for me! I’m very happy!

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