Lightburn - Multiple Users - ONE PC

Is it possible to activate LightBurn once for all users on a single PC? I am one of a few different users that each need to be able to run our laser cutter. I am able to activate and run LightBurn without issues, but it asks for the activation key when one of the other users logs in to the control PC.
I tried to do this that I found here in the forum:
1: Update to the latest version of LightBurn and make sure it’s installed and licensed as normal. Close the program or the rest of the process will not work.

2: Open up a command prompt by:

Click Start menu, then type ‘CMD’ and windows will auto-complete,
right-click it, run as Administrator.

3: Type the following into the command prompt:

CD “c:\program files\LightBurn”

4: Next, type the following into the command prompt:

LightBurn -l

Once done, any user who uses that machine will be able to run LB without entering license.

However, I kept getting an error that said: “The syntax of the command is incorrect.” I tried probably 20x and had someone check what I was entering to make sure there were no typos, etc. but still no success.

In step 4 did you append the license key after “LightBurn -l”? If not, you’ll need to do that.

Not quite sure what you mean, but I did find another “solution” here on the forum that I’ll try today.

You need to add the license key value after the -l on the command line, like this:

LightBurn -l 012345-6789ab-cdef92-xxxxxx-xxxxxx

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