Lightburn needs high res update

With newer tech coming out with 2k,4k screens its time software like like burn pushes for a update for more high res screens. I’m running a laptop at 3840x2160 and light burn looks like an 1990 software. Not to mention I’ve tried scaling and while size wise things look better the menu and font look all fussy.

any ideas on an update coming soon?

it works great. what would be the use of making it look better? i think the simple look but extreme useability says a lot about the makers of this software. says that they care about the user, not the looker. as soon as someone dives into the depth of what this software can do, most realise that the simple interface is not a sacrifice or something they dont want to do but a testament to the hardcore. and not to mention they could use the resources to make more features to keep LB the leading edge laser control software.


I have a sense that it may be soon, but I can’t say.

The Blurry/Fuzzy Font is a known (notorious) Windows 10 foible.


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