LightBurn new update

I just downloaded LightBurns latest update and now my camera doesn’t work and my laser will not burn. what is going on. I have jobs to do and I’m not able to do them. Can i reinstall the prior version?

If you don’t have the previous release to install, they can be found here:

I tried to download 0.9.20 but nothing is installing. I have big sir and it was working till i updated to 0.9.21 for big sir. This is crazy.

is there a 64bit version of 0.9.20?

Take a look at this message here:

Oz references what he thinks is a fix ( and it might pertain to your issue) - he has a link to a google drive

All Mac versions are 64 bit. You can re-download and install 0.9.20 from the releases folder Ralph linked above. What do you mean by “nothing is installing”? That’s not an error message, so that doesn’t give me anything I can help with.

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